An Overview on the Cost of Bat Removal

A lot of people fear bats due to the way that they have been depicted on myths and folklores. The truth is, bats are essential part of the ecosystem. Bat guanos can fertilize the soil. They can also help on seed propagation. They have a voracious appetite that manages the population of harmful insects. Unfortunately, once they invade our homes, you will have to get rid of them immediately due to the dangers associated with them.

How Much Does Bat Removal Cost?
When you have a bat infestation, it is necessary to let the professional handle it. This is not simply due to the health risks that they carry. Bats are protected by the state and federal laws and only the professionals will carry the required permits and license. The cost of their service may vary and can sometimes be expensive. However, for those who have the simplest case of bat infestation, the price can be about $150.

Location of the Bats
Female bats will look for the warm and dark areas of our house that resembles the ambiance inside the cave. There are some areas inside our house that offers them an excellent roosting ground. They can roost in our chimney or use it as an entry point. The huge space in our attic will also make it an ideal place for the bats. they can also roost behind our walls. Depending on the complexities of your situation, the removal of the bats will have an average cost of $150.

Labor Cost
Most of the professional bat removal company will charge you for every service that they will perform. This will include the home inspection that enables the expert to uncover enough information about the infestation that will help them formulate a comprehensive removal plan. Some companies will offer this service for free while other companies may charge you at $75. The cost of the bat removal will depend upon the severity of the infestation. If the staff need to seal the entry ways, the cost of sealing would be about $20-$50/hole.

Removal of Bat Guano
The bat droppings can contain fungal spores that can be released through the air once the guano has been disturbed. The professional may also offer this additional service, but you will be charged separately. They will first be removing the bat guanos and will be decontaminating your area. They can also handle the disposal of the bat guano.

Restoration Service
Apart from the services above, bat removal experts can also perform restoration services. This is a risky job that can take a couple of days. They may have to replace the contaminated insulation. Depending on the materials used by the staff, the cost may range from $0.44-$1.45/sq ft.

Finally, they can also offer proofing your house against bat. This can ensure that the bat will remain outside your property. This is also apart from the cost of the removal process. If they need to add screen in your gable vent, they can charge you around $100.

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