Repelling Snakes with Lime and Sulfur

Having a yard offers different benefits. It provides you a space where you can unwind. Starting a vegetable garden is also a good way to relieve stress that have accumulated over the past few days. However, the peace in your yard can be disrupted once an unwanted guest appears. In case you notice some movements in your grass, this can be an animal that is bigger than the usual creatures that you encounter in your garden.

Will Sulfur and Lime Help Repel Snakes?
Once you encounter a snake in your yard, you are probably looking for a fast solution. Some people advice that sulfur and lime can drive away the snake. In this article, we will find out if there is a tinge of truth to this matter.

Using Lime Against Snakes
Lime is also known as pelletized lime. It is a powdered material that has been derived from limestone that you can avail at your local home-improvement shop. Gardeners will usually add this to their soil to improve its pH level. Lime is also being used as an insecticide since it tends to suck the moisture of the soil that can cause the insect to suffocate. Sadly, it is an indiscriminate killer since it will also kill the useful and harmless insects. Excessive use of lime can also lead to the death of your plants.

Since lime can be used as an insecticide, most homeowners believe that it will also be effective against wildlife creatures such as snakes. They claimed that the strong odor that it releases will cause discomfort to the snake. However, no clinical study can support this theory. Perhaps the only problem that it can cause would be the same distress that it can cause to our pets if they have been exposed to the lime in the garden. In case they unintentionally inhaled the powder, it can cause irritation and chemical burn. Generally, lime is categorized as non-toxic.

Using Sulfur Against Snakes
Another common belief is that the powdered sulfur is effective in driving away the snake. Just like in using lime, sulfur is an ingredient found in insecticides that can be used on organic gardening. Unfortunately, just like the lime, this will not be effective against snake. In fact, there are no known chemical deterrents that will help you get rid of the snake.

In a study that was conducted in the past, they discovered that sulfur alone will not repel the snakes. Once a snake passed through the sulfur in the ground, it can penetrate deeply into their scales that may lead to irritation. An irritated snake will act more aggressive that can expose you to threats and risks.

If you are looking for a better way to manage the unwanted guest in your house, you must let the professional deal with the snakes. They can identify what species of snake you are housing and devise a comprehensive removal plan that will get rid of them completely.

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